Donald Trump's Boeing 757 Collides on the Ground in West Palm Beach

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Collides on Ground in Palm Beach

Former President Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 was involved in a minor collision on the ground at West Palm Beach International Airport. The incident occurred while the aircraft was taxiing and resulted in contact with an unoccupied corporate jet.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Collide Incident

An incident occurred at a South Florida airport involving Donald Trump’s Boeing 757. According to Aviation Source News, on Sunday, May 12, at around 1:20 a.m. local time, after safely landing at West Palm Beach International Airport, Trump’s jet was taxiing when its winglet accidentally hit the elevator assembly of a nearby parked and unoccupied business jet owned by VistaJet. This happened in a part of the airport not managed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is now investigating the mishap.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Involved In Ground Collision In West Palm Beach
Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 Involved In Ground Collision In West Palm Beach

The FAA reported that there were no injuries on the ground as a result of the incident. It remains unclear if President Trump was on the plane at the time. Prior to this, the jet had been used to transport Trump from a rally in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey, related to the upcoming presidential election.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757

Donald Trump’s private jet, known as “Trump Force One,” is a Boeing 757-200 that epitomizes luxury. This aircraft is equipped with high-end Rolls-Royce engines and features a luxurious interior, including gold-plated details and seating for 43 people, much fewer than a typical airline configuration. It was a key part of his 2016 presidential campaign. During his time as president, the jet was stored and only brought back into use after his presidency ended. This jet is a big part of Trump’s luxurious image and his way of making a statement in politics.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757

Donald Trump’s private jet, a Boeing 757-200 with the tail number N757AF, is equipped with two Rolls-Royce RB211 engines and has a seating capacity for approximately 43 passengers. This is considerably fewer than the commercial versions of the same model, which can accommodate over 200 passengers. The aircraft became widely recognized as Trump’s preferred mode of travel during his 2016 presidential campaign. Following his election victory, the jet was put into storage as Trump would use Air Force One for official travel. The Boeing 757 remained in storage throughout his presidency and was only brought out after he left office.

In May 2021, former President Donald Trump announced his intentions to refurbish and modernize his Boeing 757 aircraft. The renovations were carried out at Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles, Louisiana. By 2022, the updated 757-200 model was ready and relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump currently lives.


The ground collision involving Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 at West Palm Beach International Airport is currently under investigation by the FAA. While there were no injuries, the incident highlights the importance of safety and protocols on the tarmac. The aircraft, significant in Trump’s 2016 campaign, had recently been restored and remains a notable symbol of his presidency.


Was anyone injured in the collision?

No, there were no injuries reported in the collision at West Palm Beach International Airport.

Was Donald Trump on the aircraft at the time of the incident?

There is no confirmation whether Donald Trump was on board the aircraft when the collision occurred

What are the key features of Trump’s Boeing 757?

Trump’s Boeing 757-200 features a length of 155 feet and a wingspan of 124 feet 10 inches. It is equipped with two Rolls-Royce engines and can carry around 43 passengers.

What will happen to the aircraft after the incident?

The FAA is investigating the incident, and further actions will depend on the outcome of this investigation. The aircraft had recently been upgraded and is generally kept at West Palm Beach near Trump’s residence.

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